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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Do not read this post if potty training offends you!!!

Today, I spent some quality time with my li'l man. He's growing up WAY too fast, and is just the cutest little guy (yes, I am biased). I am so proud of where he is now, considering it wasn't 15 months ago, where he'd just look at us and stare off into space. It's amazing what a difference a few months and some physical therapy and Epilepsy treatment have done for little A-man...

Well, we started out the day trying to make sure he understood that potty training was going to start today, ready or not. He simply shook his head and said, in his sweet little voice, "no". Then, I asked if he needed to go (because everyone says don't start 'til they're ready), and he ran, I mean sprinted to the kids' bathroom where he proceeded to sit down on his little frog potty and said, "poop", which of course, he wasn't even close to doing. I praised him for sitting down on the potty, though it probably would have helped if he had taken off his shorts and his diaper first. So, I then proceeded to take him into his room and I showed him his big boy underwear and his pull ups. I was told never to underestimate my kids, so I explained the whole deal to him. Whether not he understood anything, remains to be seen...
This is the smile that says, "I am going to give my mommy a run for her money!"
So, let the games begin.... We took a trip to Wal-mart because I needed to get out of the house. Cabin fever sets in when I don't go to work and lack inspiration to do much else but take a siesta... especially after the way I felt last night. So... We walked the aisles, while I explained everything around him. He is so fascinated by lights, and sounds it still amazes me. He really liked the book aisle. And, as I started looking, I saw an Elmo book. And before I could realize it, he was playing with it....
Elmo Potty Time Songs... REALLY?
Guess I should have worn my glasses to Wally World this morning, because I didn't even notice the title... So, after we graced the halls of my humble abode, I hid the book, hoping to return it ASAP. Well, before bedtime tonight, I saw my precious angel running to me with the book saying, "Elmo? Elmo?". It was like he KNEW I was hiding it... Argh... We were singing Elmo Potty Time Songs whether I wanted to or not.

There were songs about washing hands, waiting to go potty (I can only assume they mean waiting for #2, not like waiting in line at the Ladies' room at a concert), and there were songs about stopping what you're doing to go, and there's the most hilarious picture of Elmo. I can't make this up... promise!
I mean, WTH is he doing with his leg? Is he a dog? Or, is he just doing the pee-pee dance? This was just too funny NOT to pass on... So, as I read my son the "Elmo" book, choked back my laughter because I didn't want him to think that going potty is funny, I realized that these publishers know something I do not. Kids at Aiden's age (i.e. ripe for potty training) LOVE Elmo. They are sometimes addicted, like mine. The first thing he asks for when he wakes up is "Elmo", even before he asks for a sippy cup. I mean, the kid's got it BAD... So, they captivated the little munchkins with Elmo singing songs and torture the parents through singing them (because let's face it, how many times have you heard the song, "Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to be Crazy" (one of the songs in the book) by the time you're two? Didn't think so. Neither had I. So, here's me... Half laughing, half crying, singing the lyrics "Boom, boom, Ain't it great to be a big kid" to a song I've never heard before, and Aiden's just laughing and pointing, saying, "Big Kid". Awesome.

On another note, Sophie sounded good tonight, like she was too busy to talk. She and her dad went to a movie today. I can't wait to see her tomorrow. Miss her terribly.

Thanks for reading, and happy Saturday!

Goodnight & God Bless you, friends,

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