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Monday, June 6, 2011

This weekend, Sophie Update and Prayer for Adam!

This was an amazing weekend, filled with some of the best memories of my lifetime. My brother had just been ordained a United Methodist Pastor, so his church held a very nice reception for him. There was a pot-luck and the food and fellowship were amazing. Sophie was not able to attend, but Adam was able to join us. A beautiful letter was written by my mom and dad to my brother. It was read at the reception. Lots of fun memories were described and I think my brother was totally speechless.

We got in around four o’clock and settled in for the evening. It was a lot of driving for poor little Aiden, he was extremely tired and cranky, but after he got his bath, he laid down just fine. Sophie is the one I am sort of worried about today... When she got out of the shower, I examined her for any changes in “Ouchie the Bump”, well to my dismay the area where her bump is has changed. There used to be a “nodule” where the original tumor was, as well as a kind of sunken in part to her tumor injection site. Well, last night, it was more bulbous and curved outward instead of inward. I am hoping and praying that it’s nothing because that would mean chemo… I have emailed and called her doctor at the Cancer Center to see if we should go ahead and get her seen, or wait ‘til Mid-July when her scans are scheduled. Please keep the prayers coming!

In wedding news… The wedding planning is coming along nicely. We have decided on a venue and are looking forward to being married there. It’s tough to do a wedding on a super tight budget, but I am sure it will still be very nice. We have been hunting for a reception venue and I’m sure we’ll come up with a place soon, and it will be beautiful. We have decided that we need to get some things planned now, and set, so that if Sophie’s LCH gets worse, we have some things checked off the “to-do” list and can roll forward easily towards our wedding date without too much stress. God knows we have enough from other sources, lol…

This is a prayer for my fiance and I...

Dear Lord,
Grant that I and my future spouse may have a true
and understanding love for each other.
Grant that we may both
be filled with faith and trust.
Give us the grace to live
with each other in peace and harmony.
May we always bear with one another's weaknesses
and grow from each other's strengths.
help us to forgive one another's failings
and grant us patience, kindness, cheerfulness
and the spirit of placing the well-being
of one another ahead of self.

May the love that brought us together
grow and mature with each passing year.
Bring us both ever closer to You
through our love for each other.
Let our love grow to perfection.


Good day friends,

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