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Monday, May 2, 2011

Miracles, Memories and a Birthday!

As many of you already know I have been struggling with GI problems since mid-February. I am finally going to go have some tests run on Wednesday. After four ER visits and countless specialists, I did go to a great GI doctor last week and a wonderful urology specialist today that should help me get to the bottom of the pain I have been having. Please pray that we get some answers, this is getting really old.

As for the kids, they are both doing well. Sophie continues to plug away at school. She maintaines an A/B average in spite of having to miss a few days every month for various Histiocytosis screenings and tests. Her attitude is remarkable and her resolve is amazing. I wish I was as strong as she is. She is my hero.

All dolled up for Easter, you'd never know anything was wrong with Sophie. Thank God they're saying that she may go into remission. I pray to God every night with Sophie that Hisitocytosis would just GO AWAY!

Aiden is doing incredibly well. He runs and climbs all over the place just like a normal 23 month old. And, guess what? His birthday is tomorrow! He's grown into such a beautiful boy and has a hilarious personality. I am looking forward to many, many more birthdays to come! I love you, my big and strong boy!
At 30.5 weeks gestation, Aiden struggled through Premature Lung Disease and a Level III IVH while in the NICU. He was so beautiful to all of us. I could see through the tubes and wires to his precious blue eyes, and I knew he knew me.

Looking at that smile, you'd never know that he was early. Thank you to the doctors and staff at Women's Hospital that saved my son's life almost two years ago today. You're a blessing from God to us moms and we thank you!
Tonight, I leave you with this. Miracles happen every day. Take time to look at your life and see the miracles God has already worked in you and those around you. God has worked two very clear miracles in my life, and I know he will see us through this too.

If God can bring you to it, He can see you through it!

God, I know you don't make people sick, but rather give us the strength to make it through one day at a time. Amen

Goodnight friends,

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