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Friday, April 1, 2011

A special tribute to my MOM!

Tonight Aiden and I went to celebrate my mom's birthday with her. She's so special to me, I just couldn't stand that she might have to spend her birthday alone. I know my dad is going to celebrate with her this weekend, but it was hard knowing he had to teach a class and that she'd probably be working tonight instead of having fun. So, we did just that. I came and picked her up and we got Aiden strapped in and headed over to have our favorite Mexican food and margarita's. I am so happy that we got to put a smile on her face. I should have kept my trap shut when they asked if she wanted dessert. I said, "Are you sure? It's your Birthday,  you should have SOME dessert"... Little did I know what would happen to us next...

So here come ALL the wait staffers and they plopped a big sombrero on her head and scared my son half to death. They took a spoon and splattered whipped cream on her face and my son proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs, but you couldn't hear him over the singing. It was sad, but funny at the same time. Poor little guy. He's been in such a clinical and sheltered environment his whole life, he thought that they might be hurting his Nanny and the singing scared him terribly! I think he's traumatized for life. He clung to me for like the next 30 minutes or so, even after we got home. Poor little guy. He just can't handle loud noises... and he especially couldn't handle the wait staff shoving a spoon in my mom's face. She was SO not expecting it. It was funny and sad at the same time. The way we were sitting, the folks in the table behind the wait people could see my son cry, but the people who were singing were standing behind Aiden so they couldn't see how upset he was. Sweet sweet baby... We quickly got the check and left. It was funny because my mom is such a Southern Lady, that having a Sombrero plopped on her head and Happy Birthday sung obnoxiously at the top of their lungs by the entire wait staff was a bit alarming to her, it was hilarious to see her caught so off guard. It was awful for Aiden, and awfully funny for Mom. 

Well Happy Birthday, Mom! There is no adequate way to pay tribute to you here. I love and appreciate all that you and dad do for us emotionally, the help you've given us at times financially, and the unconditional love that you've shown me through your love for each other, love for the Lord and love for your family are ingrained in my memory forever. I want you to know that I don't take a single moment that we have together for granted. I am grateful and humbled by your love for your grandchildren and the sacrifices you have made to help us these last few years. 

After the divorce, you gave us a place to live. You dried my tears, and gave me the strength to be the mom I needed to be to Sophie. We got up on our feet, and then we went through a valley again when Aiden came and we were stuck picking up the pieces of my life and praying watchfully by a very sick little baby boy. You walked me through and are walking me through coping through another serious illness in Sophie's case with LCH and you've been right here... Right behind me, pushing me on, and holding my hand when I needed encouragement and giving me a break when I really just needed time alone. You've motivated me to keep going, you've reminded me to always remember what is important and you've shown Christ's unrelenting love through the love you've shown to the three of us. You never give up on me. You never give up on my kids. We are so eternally blessed to have you. I don't want the day to pass without you knowing just what a wonderful mom you are to me. You're my breath, you are my heart, you are my friend. I will never ever forget the gazillion hours you spent making sure my sports uniform was clean, or my practice card filled out, my braces tightened and my ego strong. I remember it all, and I thank you. I will always hold these things close in my heart. You have been the strongest female influence in my life and I know you didn't have your own mom close to you when you were little, I know Nanny and Mema strongly influenced you. I am grateful for the example you have been to me. My life just doesn't work without you!

A woman of Christ. A fighter. Stubborn. Optimistic. Loving. A Beautiful Lady inside and out. I love you so much.

Happy Birthday! 

Goodnight friends,

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